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25 thoughts on “Free E Cigarettes”

  1. pretty bad question i know but would you pull on this as if you was smoking
    a cigarette and then take a breath to take it back or pull on it like a
    normal hookah or pipe, cheers

  2. My govista ecig was working great for about 3 weeks. Now it has a weak drag
    and the battery doesn’t last as long as it did. I emailed them and they
    said their kits are on sale so just order a new one! Done with cheap china

  3. as soon as i got one of these things as a present . i never touched a
    normal sigaret again . these things are much more tasty and way more
    healthy . now all they need to do is make one with weed taste . or even
    better a liquid with thc in it so i can quit smoking weed aswel

  4. with mine though . on the battery end of the cartrige it sometimes is way
    to moist . so that when you take a drag it sounds like for example the
    sound a straw makes when drinking the last bit of a milkshake . does this
    mean the wig is wornout ?? because it is not old enoegh for that actually

  5. @Robert Boyett I’m not sure if this is the case or not but look up the
    center pin issue for e cigs it’s a little pin in the screw on part of your
    battery and you might be screwing your c/a too tight and it will push the
    pin down you just have to take a small needle, paper clip, flat head screw
    driver, scissors etc. and just pull the pin slightly back up. Same goes for
    if your battery does not work or is not charging.

  6. These kits are trash do not buy them I wasted 50 bucks they stop working
    the first or second day guaranteed I wanted my money back and they only
    gave me one replacement kit not 2 one for them both not working so I
    basically got screwed Dan is a cool guy but do not buy these cheap kits get
    a USA brand kit its worth the money.Dan do a video and admitt the kits suck

  7. That is the sound of the vapour being produced (boiling), I thought I over
    filled mine when I first started using it and heard that.

  8. i know the sound of the vapor boiling .. i mean when i take a drag is
    sounds like your sucking air and a fluid through a straw.. and also i get
    fluid in my mouth .. the fluid that is supposed to vaporize tastes
    extremely bad

  9. Ahh, it sounds like you are sucking too hard, try drawing on it more
    gently. It is a mistake a lot of smokers make. The fluid is also toxic (if
    it has nicotine in it).

  10. hello there brotha,i’ve been smoking since the age 15,and today i ordered
    my GoVista EGO Electronic Cigarette thanks to you. i got priority shipping
    because id like to try it asap so i hope it don’t take long to arrive. im
    looking forward to quitting actual cigs and i hope it works:). you got me
    sold what a wonderful review. im now subbed and also hit that like button.
    have a good day man thanks again

  11. Also, for those that are hesitant…I used to smoke (at least) about 2
    packs per week (cut down from a pack a day after going cold-turkey failed).
    After using these babies, I haven’t had the urge for cigs that much. I
    bought a pack of cigs…smoked only about 4 in 2 weeks. It didn’t help at
    first, but after about 2 weeks in…VOILA! Haha :D

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