Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes: All About E-Cigarettes (Vapor Cigarettes) – Everything you need to know about vapor cigarettes. (leave a comment if you wanted me to cover something I left out).

Here’s a demo video of the South Beach Smoke tips I referred to:

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12 thoughts on “Electronic Cigarettes”

  1. Thanks so much for this, Martin. Lots of information! What determines the
    amount of vapor that’s released? Is it the heating element? The percentage
    of nicotine, or is that just for flavor.. Which brand releases the more
    intense vapor? Thanks again!

  2. Sure thing Jon. I don’t know on the tech end (if it is the atomizer etc.),
    but battery voltage seems to do that. I have found manual batteries seem to
    produce a bit more, such as the manual Bull Smoke and the manual 68mm Halo.
    Also, when refilling, such as V2, when I refill them, I don’t get as much
    as they come with. V2 I think has the biggest throat hit at 18mg nicotine,
    though 24mg nicotine from others packs a good punch.

  3. Then for max Vapor volume, the higher voltage, such as the Joye eGo Twist,
    that goes up to 4.8 volts, and bigger sized batteries such as the Cigavette
    Kits, Volcano, and I am about to try out the Halo Triton and Vaporzone.
    Those types of batteries produce a lot of Vape. Also, the V2 EX blanks do
    well for vapor volume for standard sized batteries.

  4. Hey Martin well I’m a singer and I currently smoke marlboro reds but they
    sort of don’t go good together haha so do you think the Ecig would be less
    of a vocal chords frier and also which one is the one that tastes as strong
    and natural as a marlboro red?? thanx bye!!

  5. So, Martin, I have a few questions. Do you literally just use the same
    cigarette and keep refilling it? Or do you have the change it every now and
    then? Also, is it true that these are healthier than regular cigs and are
    great for obsession issues?

  6. I am not fun of smoking but I think E-cigarettes are safer than the
    ordinary cigarettes for the flowing points
    1- Carbon dioxida and carbon monoxide is absent since there is no burning
    2- Due to absence carbon in E-cigarettes the colour of the lung will never
    change and its tissues will never be deoxygenated
    3-There will be no passive smoker in E-cigarettes
    4-In E-cigarettes there is a physical change from liquid to gas but in
    ordinary cigarettes there is chemical change the tobacco turns into Carbon.

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