What’s a Ecig

My friend Mike tries to help me decide which ecig mod or apv is best for a noob. GET THE WINNER HERE: http://bit.ly/InnokinVTR – Looking at the iTaste 134, the eVic, the iGO4 USE THE LINKS BELOW:

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25 thoughts on “What’s a Ecig”

  1. I like the evod but if I’m not paying attention when switching them out
    I’ll grab it to unscrew the tank and open it instead, dumping juice all
    over everything. Done it a couple times. But other than that it’s great.

  2. I’m brand new into vaping, Currently have a cheap Ego that a friend gave
    me, fell in love immediately and have no bought a pack of ciggs for the
    last 3 months. I feel like it is time for me to upgrade and I don’t mind
    making a decent investment. After a few days of research, I am trying to
    choose between the eVic or the iGO4. What would you recommended, as a first
    time mod buy ?

    Thank you in advanced. 

  3. I would go for the VTR just from seeing it vape. Unfortunately, my local
    vape shop doesn’t carry them. Thinking of ordering one in a few days 

  4. And to add to what you said about the eVod tanks, they are pretty great.
    Can’t beat them for the price. I have a few and I love them. 

  5. I pick the one thats 30bucks or cheaper(which is none of these)…. Since
    your telling me to pick between batteries not kits. I see more difference
    with different heads than I do from batteries, far as performance. Then I
    dont see a need to buy bigger, unless i want more battery life.

  6. I got the ego-c Passthrough 650… Not too impressed with it, I put the V
    ivi Nova tank on it with the 2.8 head and the first few hits are good off a
    clean tank, but then after that has no taste. I’m looking into the iTaste
    VTR, but if I spend that much and end up with the same problems I’m going
    to have one hell of a brick to bash over someone’s head.

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