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One of many introductory videos for this channel. Gonna have some more vids coming up that explain more for the newer user(Hell i’m still a beginner) lol Gonna throw up some links to get some BAD ASS juices! So sit back….relax….and absorb some semi-good info 🙂

First my FAVE!

Another good one

Only posting those 2 links because they are the only sites i have experience with. I’m sure there are plenty more and as I try em i’ll let you know how it went 🙂

V2 Cigs - Introducing EX Batteries!

25 thoughts on “E Liquid”

  1. Yea bro…”super steeping” I used the box that the Vamo came in and put
    about (10) liquids in the glove box and on the floor board of the back
    seat…worked great.

  2. yoo twisted, out of all honesty. get a hookah. and use their vapor stones.
    you will get soo much clouds and the taste is like sex. all water vapor.
    you just need to use natural coalsinstead of shit instant lights

  3. I’m pretty into that trap music you have in the background of this video,
    keep making videos man. I think you do a great job at making things
    understandable for all those new people getting into vaping. God knows I
    needed all the help I could get at first!

  4. I need one of those Swivel things. Perfect for ejuice. I am not a fan of Mt
    Bker Vapor at all. Some of the worst juices i have ever vaped. Super cheap
    but the juice sucks. I use to think they were alright til I started getting
    better juices. I liek the channel. Keep it up. 🙂

  5. what are coils and wicks in vaporizers and what purpose do they serve? I
    see someone that have and some that don’t. Can’t get a straight answer on

  6. coils are a wick wrapped 4 to 6 times with wire, witch heats up to
    evaporate the liquid to produce vapor, wicks are what absorb the e juice so
    you can produce vapor, so coils will just have a single wick (wrapped with
    wire) and some will have whats called flavor wicks witch just sit on top of
    the wrapped wick (coil) just to add more flavor and prevent hot juice from
    popping into your mouth, hope this helps you

  7. Twisted, this video was amazing. thank you for explaining what PG and VG
    is. I’m thinking about getting a Ginger Ale E Juice from mtbakervapor. Does
    PG 20% VG 80% with 3 extra shots sound good?

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