E Cigarettes

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25 thoughts on “E Cigarettes”

  1. Hey I was hopeing if you could help me out and send me a starter kit with
    everything for an e cig because my mom agreed to quit smoking but she wants
    an alternative please help me out my mom smoking has affected my life a lot
    she even went to rehab and she still couldent quit I dident see her for 1
    year because of it and seeing her back on cigarettes it’s affecting my
    family again please just help me out just a little cheap one with
    everything like a charger and e juice and stuff like that we can’t afford
    one right now and we barely have a roof on our heads my mom had 2 jobs and
    my sister has one and I do yard work for other people so I would be really
    grateful if you would help me out also I love your videos your really funny
    and cool keep up the good videos I love them

  2. Serious question, doesn’t long time cigarette smoking affect taste and his
    taste reviews should therefore be effected by it?

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