E Cigarette Brands

These are the best E Cig Brands for 2013, and my favorite ecigs. You can find links to all of the E Cig Brands used in this video below.

EverSmoke: http://www.eversmoke.com/?A=1146
V2Cigs: http://www.v2cigs.com/4065.html
SmokeTip: http://tinyurl.com/SmokeTip-Ecig
HALO G6: http://tinyurl.com/HALO-G6
SafeCig: http://tinyurl.com/SafeCig-Ecig
SBS: http://www.southbeachsmoke.com?A=2264
My Favorite eCig: http://www.migcigs.net/109.html

V2 Cigs - Introducing EX Batteries!

25 thoughts on “E Cigarette Brands”

  1. I am wanting some advice on what my next choice of e cig should be as the
    one I bought is giving me bad vaping experience ie buring wick tast, now I
    am getting a matalic taste, putting me right off but done so well, 10 days
    with out a fag. Your advice is much appreiated. Thanks buddy

  2. I like the video, but mostly you are reviewing cartos and kind of excluding
    tank systems and other types of batteries.

  3. It’s funny watching this video again. Yeah, I’m one of those stalker
    YouTubers. Anyway, this video helped me decide which ecig company to go
    with (Halo). I’m now sharing this video with a friend who wants to start a
    journey into vapeland.

  4. Cool thing about V-cigs is, you only need about three hits for 1 hour! In
    Earope we have “wanna-vape”, not bad at all! (40 yrs on the Phillip -Morris
    train . . .)

  5. wazzup vape guru? lol have u ever tried ego-green juice? its german n
    reaaaalllyyy awesome in taste! 🙂 the watermelon is my fav fasho! u shud
    try it though. grtz TC

  6. Hello,
    Can you tell me which one would be the most comparable to Marlboro Menthol
    100’s? I don’t have the time or money to spend finding out this info right

    Thank You

  7. thanks for review… very down to earth… I am a strong menthol smoker and
    using a Fresh Choice Tobacco $600 rolling machine… Got to get away from
    tobacco… does anyone sell a mixture of ecigs so you can try them all a
    little? Guess I am just waiting for someone to say this one here… done
    deal… Is vaping tobacco a good plan? thanks for any advice from

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