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V2 Cigs - Introducing EX Batteries!

25 thoughts on “E Cig Review”

  1. @godxxxofxxxutube Not at all. V2 Cigs has some really great products that
    are similar in design to those listed in the “slightly larger than
    cigarette sized” category, the same category as Halo, Smokeless Image. This
    video is only a sampling of some of the best kits we’ve reviewed. You can
    view our V2 Cigs review or browse our catalog of reviews on our homepage

  2. Outstanding video. I got in to E-cigs just about a month ago and had NO
    idea how much info was available before I made several purchases. I wish I
    knew about your video then. Well, at least you helped me chose a shorter
    shopping list now =) Thank you, mate.

  3. Hey I’m still looking on reviews but what would you say to be cheap, long
    lasting, lots of vapour and not that much fuss 🙂 please reply ecidadvanced

  4. I have the micro lite ones. Sometimes the fucking filters are duds and you
    don’t get good hits out of them (e.g. you can’t fell that “kick” in the
    back of your throat when you inhale for some reason). Last 6 pack I bought
    two of them were unsatisfactory.

  5. If you want a quality ecig id recremend the totally wicked tornado tank.
    Plenty of vapor, soooo many flavors to choose from, 6+ hours battery life.
    No cut off at all. Great taste, smooth, just plain awesome.

  6. I just more vapor. Wich one is the best for vapor output i like alot of
    vapor. Please help. Thank you

  7. dont buy the blu cig premium they have a design flaw with the charger box,
    no wonder on the bottom of the charger pack it says patent pending

  8. No. If that’s what you’re set on, keep sucking down the cancer sticks.
    There are some flavors that come close though. If that cigarette flavor is
    what you asolutely HAVE TO HAVE (the nasty taste, not to mention the
    god-awful smell), well then, Big Tobacco and their pawns, the FDA, will
    love you for just going forward to smoke, smoke, smoke that cigarette.
    Personally, I’m happily vaping — smoke, stink, and carcinogen free!

  9. The Cirrus 3 packaging looks more like a pregnancy testing kit or bumper
    pack of condoms! (slightly offputting). I was recently given a ‘Totally
    Wicked Titan E-Nic’ kit and so far am pretty impressed, although the
    battery life seems disappointingly short. The flavour range is very good –
    menthol is a great flavour.

  10. PLEASE, just slow down, be specific & succinct. Give bullet points about
    individual features, choice of flavours, battery life & stop rambling &
    repeating yourself. I felt frantic just watching but was no better informed
    by the end of your onslaught & even more confused. You say such general
    things like “they have really great ‘e liquid’…some of the ‘best flavours
    around’, great battery life” – but you gave no examples or specifics, it
    was exasperating & frustrating. At least open the boxes!

  11. ….Can you just give me one? Surely you dont need allllll of them. I’m
    young I need to give up now! I can’t afford these flashy prices aha

  12. for everyone watching this.DONT i repeat DONT buy these products!!!! there
    cheap and WAY to expensive. i promise you if u get a kit like those your
    throwing your money away. trust mr on this.. if your a beginner look into
    the ego twist battery and attomizers. also look up …grimmgreen… reviews
    on youtube

  13. I use VOLT and it has exceptional vapor and is very easy to use. I strongly
    recommend Volt because it’s inexpensive and extremely reliable I’ve been
    using the same batteries for over a year now, they have lots of accessories
    and flavors.

  14. im looking for a e-cig ranged from 20-50 dollars in australia are u able to
    help me? and does the battery attach to the cartridge im so confuse how its
    put together

  15. You should do an update video now that there are new & better products on
    the market as well as cheaper. Take the eGo-C Twist for example, its a
    variable volt mod that’s only $30 and it’s great.

  16. Posed a good question, but didn’t answer it, how come ? You pretty much
    said all of them were good in their own way. I was hoping to hear you pick
    one Best E-Cig in each class, and also one Best VALUE for the money E-Cig
    in each class. Hope you do another video, you seem to be one of the few
    guys on YT who actually has tried them all.

  17. I’ve decided to go E-CIG today. Getting with the times I guess. Besides I’m
    tired of the tobacco smell on everything. Especially in my new car. I
    purchased an E-CIG product called 21st Century Smoke. I haven’t tried it
    yet. However, I’m hoping for good results. I’m wondering if you know
    anything about this E-CIG product. Well any ways, I’m marking your video as
    one of my favorites so I can periodically return to see what’s new and
    informative about E-CIGS. Stay Cool and hope you get my post…

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